Aging Egg Whites: What Is It All About?

Aside from being used as a critical ingredient in the preparation of macarons and other pastry products, aged egg whites can also provide a number of health benefits.

egg whites with egg beater

Eggs are nutritious and healthy food items. These contain healthy nutrients and minerals that can aid the body enhance its various metabolic functions. However, eggs are not only nutritious they are also delicious and versatile and flexible enough that it can be used for different recipes and dishes.

There are scrambled eggs, devilled tuna, and the basic sunnyside up. Another way to used eggs, though, is by having its egg whites aged to be used for baking. Egg white aging is mostly utilized for certain pastry dishes such as merengue and macarons. So how does one age egg whites and what are some of its possible health benefits? In this article, we look at what Aged Egg Whites are and its possible health benefits. Read on to find out more!

Aged Egg Whites: A Brief Introduction

Problems with prepared macarons usually occur due to issues with the meringue so it is important that people start with a strong and healthy base as well. Once the egg whites are aged,  then a good macaron or meringue base can be achieved.

But how can egg whites be aged? The process starts by having the yolk separated from the whites and storing it for 24 hours in a container. This process is needed to ensure that the mix will undergo dehydration and aid in the relaxation of the proteins contained in the egg whites. This can aid in the prevention of having it whipped too much and in the creation of stiff peaked meringue.

Is Egg White aging really necessary?

There are a number of bakers who do not believe that the aging of egg whites is necessary and that macarons can be created even with the said ingredient. Regular egg whites or those that have not been aged can still be used to make macarons. However, one can always just prepare aged whites in the fridge just in case you need to throw it in some macarons for baking.

According to a renowned pastry baker, Pierre Herme, aged egg whites are a personal preference when baking macarons. In addition, aged egg whites have been claimed to easily whip up more compared to fresh egg whites and they do have a consistency that is drier. Once it is readily and easily whipped up, these eggs whites will then be less prone to being overwhipped.

Egg whites that are aged can also help individuals in feeling less frustrated when hours and ingredients have already been prepared and yet the macarons being prepared still come out as not so great.  This is because aged egg whites can provide that bonus level of assurance and of course, every little bit helps.

If the macarons still did not turn out as expected, then the individual can rest assured that at least the absence of the missing egg whites should be the one to blame. However, if macarons are indeed prepared as expected, then the aging process can be skipped altogether and the macaron baking can proceed as is.

What Are The Possible Health Benefits Of Aged Egg Whites?

Aside from being used as a critical ingredient in the preparation of macarons and other pastry products, aged egg whites can also provide a number of health benefits. Listed below are some of them:

  1. Egg Whites are free from cholesterol- Once the removal of the egg yolk has been completed, then they are left with just the egg whites which are free from any cholesterol content. As such, individuals with levels of cholesterol that are considered high can consume egg whites with the increased risk of possibly developing certain cardiovascular diseases or the further exacerbation of their bad cholesterol.
  2. Eggs whites have increased levels of protein – Whole eggs are one of the best food sources for protein, all thanks to egg yolks. It must be noted though, that egg whites can also provide individuals with protein that is high quality as well on top of being low in fat.  This can be extremely advantageous for the human body and overall health. Protein that is high quality has also been identified as important in terms of helping people out in their reduction of hunger and cravings by making individuals feel satiated for longer periods of time.
  3. Egg whites are considered food items that are low in calories- An egg is not really considered a food item that is high in calories and cutting back on the yolk and just consuming the egg white can make it lower in calories than what it was originally. So for people who want to control or manage their weight, it may be ideal to eat egg whites rather than eating whole eggs or eggs with the yolk.
  4. Egg whites can help people manage their blood pressure- Egg whites contain potassium which can aid in the maintenance of the individual’s blood pressure and contribute to the reduction of hypertension. Potassium is classified as an electrolyte and a mineral which is linked to improved bone and heart health together with the proper functioning of the body’s other biological functions.
  5. Eggs whites can aid in lowering the risk for possible cardiovascular diseases- due to the potassium content of egg whites, the said food items can also contribute to the reduction of the risk for developing heart diseases. This is due to the fact that the aforementioned mineral can promote vasodilation, a process that allows for the widening of the blood vessels and permitting the blood to flow much freely. This can help in the prevention of having these blood vessels clogged and preventing the possible occurrence of heart attacks and strokes. 
  6. Eggs whites can provide people with vitamins that are essential- Egg whites contain important vitamins such as vitamin D, B-12, and A. Riboflavin is also present in egg whites and is also referred to as B-12 which is important in the prevention of numerous health-related issues such as headaches caused by migraines, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Both Vitamin D and A also help aid the body in numerous biological functions.

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