12 Best Anti Aging Vitamin C Serum Recommended By Dermatologists

There are many Vitamin C supplements on the market today. They include the best anti aging vitamin c serum. These products include the powerful vitamin/antioxidant that has anti-aging properties.

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Are you looking for the best anti-aging vitamin C serum? The global market for dietary supplements is worth about $125 billion (2018). There’s a wide range of different products on the market including the best anti-aging vitamin c serums. Vitamin C is not only a vitamin but also a powerful antioxidant. This explains why people recommend drinking orange juice if you have a common cold. It boosts the body’s immune system, which helps it to fight off inflammation, illness, and disease. When selecting skincare products it’s important to know the difference between creams, lotions, and serum. This is related to factors like the amount of water and oil in the product.

The process starts with knowing the difference between serums with creams/lotions. The main difference is related to serums being more lightweight/liquidy than moisturizers. This allows them to absorb deeper into the skin. So there are different applications for creams, lotions, and serums. It’s important to know when to use each one. When you pick a Vitamin C it’s also adding certain nutrients compared to those with retinol/retinoids (Vitamin A) or fish oil cream (Vitamin E). All of these products can boost skin health by adding different nutrients to it.

Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum: What Is It?

This is the first issue to take up. There’s some overlap between products like creams, lotions, and serums. However, there are also some unique features of each one. One of the key features of serums is they’re very concentrated. This provides a stronger dose of moisture and hydration to the skin.

Moisturizers are a popular way to add nutrients to the skin. They’re usually added to the skin after showering, swimming, exercising, etc. to keep the skin hydrated. There are also nighttime moisturizers that people can add to the skin at nighttime.

Due to the liquid/lightweight form of serums, it’s possible for them to provide nutrients deeper into the skin than creams/lotions. For example, some products can carry 1000x their water weight, which helps them function effectively to hydrate the skin.

It’s important to check the ingredients in a particular serum. This will help to determine how effective it is at adding moisture/nutrients to the skin. Make sure to review the active ingredients in facial serums, for example.

Meanwhile, moisturizers have a texture that’s thicker/creamier. This is usually due to a higher amount of oils. This helps to reduce water loss by working on the skin’s surface. So the main difference in how moisturizers and serums work instead of how well they work.

In some cases, you might want to use both serums and moisturizers. You should consider issues like skin type (dry, oily, sensitive) to determine which product is best for your needs.

If you have dry skin then a serum is a good option as part of your skincare routine. For example, you could add serum at night after adding a cleanser/toner. Then add a moisturizer/sunscreen atop the serum. This helps to feed the skin the nutrients it needs while adding moisture/protection on the top layers with moisturizers/sunscreen.

Best Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serums

1. Positively Radiant by Aveeno

This product includes soy and lemon peel. It can provide several benefits like helping to boost glow and provide an even tone.

2. CEO by Sunday Riley

This product is brightening serum with 15% Vitamin C. It’s designed to smooth out the skin’s surface.

3. Rescue Serum by Joanna Vargas

This serum is produced by the popular spas in NYC and LA. The product includes high amounts of Vitamin C with other ingredients.

4. Skin Renewing by CeraVe

The company is well-known for its gentle/effective products. This one contains 10% Vitamin C and is fragrance-free. It contains various skin-friendly ingredients.

5. Brighten Up by Ursa Major

This product is high-Vitamin C and light on unhealthy ingredients. It’s free of many synthetic ingredients like mineral oils.

6. CE Ferulic by SkinCeuticals

This product is considered one of the top Vitamin C serums. It includes 15% Vitamin C/E and other skin-friendly ingredients.

7. Revitalift by L’Oréal

This product provides Vitamin C to the general public. The product is clinically tested for effectiveness and stability. It’s sold at various supermarkets/drugstores.

8. LiftActiv by Vichy

This product has 15% Vitamin C. It’s a skin-brightening product. It’s important to store strong serums in a non-clear bottle or dark class for the best results.

9. Visionnaire by Lancome

This one has 15% vitamin C. The serum is designed to be used 1x/day. However, it can provide big results.

10. C-Firma by Drunk Elephant

This product is high in antioxidants, enzymes, and peptides that include various health benefits with Vitamin D for good skin health.

11. ReACTIVE by Neocutis

This product is skin doctor-recommended. It’s quite pricey. However, it contains ingredients like Vitamins C/E.

12. Violet-C by Tatcha

This product has 20% Vitamin C as well as 10% AHA. The smooth texture can boost skin tone.

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Health Benefits of Vitamin C


More research is needed. However, one study showed that people with high Vitamin C levels in their blood had about a 40% lower risk of stroke versus those with the lowest amounts of the vitamin.

Scientists are still studying why this seems to be the case. However, what’s clear is that eating more fruits/veggies boosts Vitamin C levels, which seems to reduce the risk of strokes.


While there’s a flu vaccine there’s no cure for the common cold. However, the good news is we can take steps to deal with the symptoms until the virus leaves the body. Vitamin C might help to fight off various cold-related symptoms.

Various studies show that Vitamin C might be effective for fighting off the common cold. It also might help to prevent more serious symptoms, which is another plus. So drinking some extra OJ seems to be a science-supported home remedy.


While Vitamin C deficiency is somewhat rare, not consuming enough can cause scurvy. That can cause various health issues like weakness, bruising, and loose teeth.


Vitamin C supplements work from the inside-out while creams/lotions/serums treat the skin directly. Both approaches seem to provide benefits for treating/preventing wrinkled skin. It seems to help hydrate skin, reduce dryness, and make skin look younger.


A recent study review revealed that Vitamin C can help people with weak immune systems due to mental stress. This is a common condition in modern society but also one that should be addressed more.

Vitamin C is a key nutrient that’s stress-sensitive. It’s also lower in people like obese people, smokers, and alcoholics. So the vitamin is a good “marker” for general health. If you want to fight stress better then boost Vitamin C like boosting skin health with the best anti-aging vitamin c serum.

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