8 Best Shoes for Heel Spurs + Natural Remedies

If you have bone spurs in your heel then you should consider best shoes for heel spurs to provide support for your feet. There are also various natural remedies you can pick from. Learn more here!

Heel spurs

Have you been diagnosed with heel bone spurs? Fun Fact: About 40% of people 60+ years old require treatment for this condition. There are several possible treatments including the best shoes for heel spurs. It’s important to provide your feet’s heels with enough support. The condition results in a “calcium deposit” that can make every step painful. So it’s important to pick footwear that provides enough support so you’re as comfy as possible whether you’re wearing athletic, casual, or formal footwear. There are other areas where spurs can happen including around joints and spine. While prescription medicines can help you’ll also want to take the pressure off your heel region since this heel pain could affect your day-to-day life.

Besides proper footwear, you can also pick other natural remedies for heel spurs. Essential oil massage, bath salts, and baking soda are some of the different options you have. Like supportive footwear, these are natural treatments that don’t require you to undergo surgery or take prescription drugs. While they can be effective treatments they can also cause side-effects like pain and discomfort. Natural treatments don’t involve synthetic chemicals or going under the knife so they’re a better option if you’re looking for holistic (whole-body) options.

What Exactly Are Heel Spurs?

Heel spurs are a type of bone spur, which is a growth known as a “calcium deposit.” They can appear on different body parts including around joints and the spine. Meanwhile, heel spurs exist between the heel bone and the foot arch.

Heel spurs frequently being in the front/underneath heel. Over time they can affect other foot parts. Heel spurs can become up to 0.5-inch long and sometimes they’re not large enough to see.  

It can sometimes be difficult to detect/diagnose heel spurs. Besides the possible small size, they sometimes don’t cause pain. Besides that, if you experience heel pain it might actually result from other factors besides bone spurs.

This condition can cause different signs/symptoms including:

  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Warm
  • Swelling at front of the heel

Over time the symptoms might spread to the foot’s arch. Over time there also might be a small bone-like bump. In some situations, bone spurs don’t cause any symptoms. There also might not be any physical changes in the tissue/bones around the heel.

In many cases, doctors only detect heel spurs by doing various tests like X-rays. In fact, the condition is often detected when doctors are checking other non-heel foot tissue. This highlights the importance of scheduling a checkup with a foot doctor if you think you might have a heel spur.

The causes of heel spurs are long-term strains on muscles/ligaments. Over time this extra strain causes stress on the patient’s heel bone and forms spurs. It’s important to note that heel spurs don’t appear overnight after a gym workout or sports event.

If you experience heel pain it’s important to get it checked out. This can help to deal with it effectively so it doesn’t become worse. If you experience pain you should get it checked out ASAP.

Best Shoes for Heel Spurs

1. Eureka by Rockport

This walking shoe is from the famous shoe company Rockport. It features a 100% San Crispino design for stability. There’s also rubber sole and rubber outsole pods. It also has a casual look.  

Best Shoes for Heel Spurs

1. Eureka by Rockport

This walking shoe is from the famous shoe company Rockport. It features a 100% San Crispino design for stability. There’s also rubber sole and rubber outsole pods. It also has a casual look.  

2. Track 2 Low by ECCHO

These hiking shoes include waterproof GORE-TEX material to keep your feet warm. Other features include full-grain leather, rubber sole, and Black/Bison color options. The price is somewhat high but offers excellent value.

3. ONE Bondi 6 by HOKA ONE

This shoe is available in tons of different colors/designs. This is a high-cushioned road shoe from HOKA ONE. You get a full-EVA midsole, Meta-Rocker tech, and breathable upper. This shoe is ideal for various distances.

4. Ghost 10 by Brooks

Brooks was founded over a century ago in 1914. These ankle-high running shoes provide excellent heel support. Features include high-energizing cushioning. This is critical for people with heel spurs.

5. ProGrid Integrity ST2 by Saucony

The running shoes are available in multiple colors. Features include 100% leather, non-marking walking shoes, and durable materials. It provides extra support for people with heel spurs.

6. 990v4 by New Balance

These athletic shoes have received high marks for stability, flexibility, and support. They’re also available for men and women and in a wide range of colors. You can also find these shoes in the under-$100 range.

7. Wave Rider 2 by Mizuno

These running shoes are available in several colors. Other features include 100% mesh, rubber sole, and soft sock liner for more support/cushioning. You get lightweight shoes with enough heel support for calcium deposits.

8. GEL-Nimbus 20 by ASICSGEL

Nimbus is available in several colors and designs. It also flutes FlyteFoam Midsole Technology for better support. Rearfoot GEL Technology Cushion System provides shock-protection during impact. This is ideal for people with bone spurs in the heel.

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