Graston Technique: What Is For?

Graston technique is an effective manual therapy wherein a stainless steel is used as a tool to perform massages on the affected soft tissues.

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Experiencing health conditions that require physical therapy is usually hard. There are times when an injury or a disease can call for the need for physical therapy. First off, what is physical therapy? How is it related to a therapy called the Graston technique? Let’s find out all the answers to the following questions.

A Short Introduction to Physical Therapy

Have you ever gotten an injury, an illness, or disease that tends to limit your mobilization? It is hard when there is a condition that causes limited body movements, also some of them are not able to be treated by using simple medications and remedies. What they need is a more specific kind of treatment that does not specifically require intake of medicines but instead, it directly heals the physical aspect of the condition; this is what physical therapy is.

The process of physical therapy treatment is very important especially to those conditions that specifically target a person’s physical capability. The importance of physical therapy can be depicted in many ways.

Here are some of the reasons why people require physical therapy treatment.

Physical therapy can help reduce or better yet completely eliminate pain.

Specific approaches to physical therapy are designed to reduce and eliminate pain, some of them are techniques that are aimed for joints and soft tissues. Most of the time the techniques used are in the form of therapeutic exercises or through manual therapy. By using therapies for pain, there is a big possibility that the pain will completely go away and never come back.

PT techniques can be used as an alternative to surgeries.

One of the best qualities of physical therapy is its first aid properties. Once certain pain and conditions are corrected by a physical therapy treatment, surgery is no longer needed. This is very advantageous since it can help the person avoid the exhaustion of experiencing surgery and at the same time the financial savings are also a good thing.

Physical therapy improves a person’s mobility issues.

This is very helpful for any difficulty in terms of physical movements such as walking, standing, or other certain body movements. The physical therapists are also responsible for suggesting the suitable mobility assistive devices for conditions that require them.

A person who experienced a stroke may be recovered through physical therapy.

It’s typical to experience minor immobilities after experiencing a stroke, the good thing is that there is still a chance to recover thanks to physical therapy. Even instances when a stroke patient encounters temporary paralyzation, a physical therapist can help in the recovery of the affected part, at the same time they can assist the patient during the times when they are completely unable to move.

Physical therapy can aid in a person’s recovery from sports injuries.

Most sports teams have their own physical therapists, this is due to the possibility of injuries. The physical therapists perform treatments from minor to almost severe cases of sports-related injuries.

A person’s balance and fall prevention can be improved by physical therapy.

Another good thing about physical therapy is how it can provide prevention for patients. In order to avoid risky accidents from imbalance and falls, the therapists provide exercises and specific massages to improve the patient’s balance.

Specific PT techniques can help patients with diabetes or vascular issues.

Generally speaking, good exercise can contribute to better circulation of blood and regulation of blood sugar in the body. What more if the given sets of an exercise are suggested by a professional physical therapist, the exercise is gonna be really effective. Plus, a person with diabetes tends to have problems with their legs and feet; it is a normal condition for most diabetic patients. However, it can be resolved through specific care and exercise routines. So it is best to go to your trustworthy physical therapist.

The following are just some of the benefits of physical therapy. The topic of physical therapy was introduced in order to have basic ideas regarding the next topic, which is a kind of physical therapy called the Graston Technique.

What is the Graston technique for?

Graston technique is a form of manual therapy that involves the use of stainless steel tools to perform manual massages. This technique is patented, but it is commonly used nowadays.

The main purpose of the technique is to provide relaxing massages on the soft tissues by using stainless steel tools. It is mostly allowed to be performed by licensed medical practitioners that are in the field of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and medical-massage therapies.

How Does The Graston Technique Work?

The tools that are used for the Graston technique can be utilized in two different ways.

  • The Graston tools can be used in locating the affected tissues, or any cases of muscle knots and limitations. The stainless tools run over the skin to detect which parts contain the affected tissues that are the cause of pain or immobility.
  • The tools are also used for the massage process. They are slowly and carefully used to massage the areas that contain the muscle knots and the result is a smoother tissue that can give back the ease of movement.

Benefits of Graston Technique

Not only is the Graston technique known to work up against certain conditions involving soft tissues in the body, but it is also said to provide a few other potential benefits.

  • The technique can help reduce the treatment time and promote faster recovery. The technique has been proven to be an effective treatment, and it can also be used for first aid. Also, by regularly performing the Graston technique on the patient’s affected areas, the flow of blood tends to be more active and healthy; which can contribute to faster healing.
  • There may be no need to perform painful surgeries. When the technique provides the necessary treatment needed by the patient, a surgery is already out of the equation.
  • The Graston technique may solve “permanently-expected” chronic conditions. The Graston technique can also do miracles like giving long-lasting relief and treatment against chronic conditions that are said to be permanent. These chronic conditions are already expected to be unable to get treated, but somehow the technique can do wonders to prevent the worst.

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