Top Recovery Tips After A Car Accident

Recovery after a car accident can take some time depending on the severity of the injury. Fortunately, there are recovery tips that people can follow to heal faster.

Neck pain after car accident

Car Accident Recovery Timeframes

There are around seven thousand individuals that get hurt daily due to motor vehicle accidents, while others can get severely injured by some of these accidents. Wounds coming from the said vehicular accidents can come in many different types and forms. So the discussion of how long someone should be sore after a car accident depends on the type of injury or hurt a person has sustained. Recovery and treatment after an injury caused by a car accident will be different depending on the severity and the part of the body affected.

In this article, we will look at what health professionals have observed in terms of car accident soreness, recovery, and treatment alternatives. Read on to find out more!

Different Kinds of Injuries due to Car Accidents, their Recovery Timeframe, and Treatment Tips

Below are the different injuries that may be sustained by patients after vehicular accidents and their respective recovery timeframes and treatment tips:

1. Injuries to the brain and the head

Passengers and drivers are prone to suffering injuries to the head due to hitting other people, loose objects, the steering wheel, roof, side window, and a windshield. One common injury is a concussion, also referred to as traumatic brain injury. It is a result of receiving a head blow, which can lead to the brain bounced within the skull, which can result in the brain experiencing chemical changes. Symptoms may not be noticed immediately, but some of the common ones include dizziness, nausea, neck pain, and headache. These symptoms can appear from several days to several weeks.

Recovery Timeframe

For mild concussions, the majority of patients will observe that their symptoms are reduced around two to three weeks from the date it first started. On the other hand, recovering from a subdural hematoma can take longer depending on how severe or complicated it is.

Treatment Tips

Patients are advised to seek medical attention from a doctor. The main treatment for mild concussions is for the patient to rest. physical and strenuous activities should be avoided along with those activities that need a ton of attention and focus. If a more severe concussion has been identified, the patient may need to be admitted to the hospital. These patients may have subdural hematoma or bleed underneath one’s skull and this is considered a health emergency.

2. Injuries on the Face

Injuries to the bones, teeth, and the skin of the face can occur when the patient hits a loose object in the car, another part of the car, an airbag, and the steering wheel.

Recovery Timeframe

The needed time for this kind of injury will depend on how severe the injury is. Scapes will start to heal within several weeks to as short as several days. Repairs to the face that are surgical can health within several weeks and months.

Treatment Tip

Cuts require to be stitched up and scrapes will need some bandaging. For injuries that are much more severe, such as facial bones that are broken, surgical treatments are required.

3. Whiplash and other neck injuries

It is common for side or rear impact crashes to result in the snapping of the neck quite quickly. These injuries can be a mild strain on the neck to vertebrae (spinal bones) to get dislocated.

Recovery timeframe

Symptoms of whiplash can be felt by the patient for several weeks. The time for recovery for this kind of condition will also depend on how severe the injury is and based on the needed treatment procedures. Complete recovery may entail for several months.

Treatment Tips

Over the counter, painkillers can help address mild neck strains. Other serious injuries to the vertebrae or dislocation may need further surgical treatment.

4. Clavicle or Collarbone and injuries to the ribs

Seatbelts can aid in keeping the body secure. During major accidents, the weight of the body can get pressed against the shoulder pretty quickly. This can lead to injury to one’s collarbone. In crashes that are more extensive, injuries to the ribs can also happen.

Recovery Timeframe

The process of healing and recovery for this kind of injury can take from six weeks to four months.

Treatment Tips

A collarbone that is broken may get resolved on its own and commonly immobilized using specific braces. For much more extensive damage, surgical procedures or treatments may be required.

5. Spinal Cord and back injuries

These injuries can be one of the accident’s most traumatizing ones. As the vehicle shifts its position underneath the driver, the spine’s small discs may be pushed out or twisted out of alignment. The bones on the back may also get fractured which can lead to injuries of the spinal cord and ultimately result in the loss of feeling or function of the extremities. Together with the other spinal injuries, tendons, back muscles, and other soft tissues can be pulled or strained while ligaments can experience sprains.

Recovery Timeframe

Minor muscle strains should get better after several weeks. Tears in the muscle that will require surgical treatment, on the other hand, will take months for recovery and will also need some form of therapy. Surgically treated bones, on the other hand, will need three to four months for a full recovery. 

Treatment Tips

For minor back pain, it is recommended that ice heat and rest be accomplished by the patient along with the intake of painkillers that are OTC or over the counter. If the pain isn’t resolved after several weeks, it may be best to seek medical assistance from a doctor for further evaluation or possible referral to a chiropractic professional.

Car accidents can lead to major sore spots in the body. However, each type of vehicle can have unique patterns of soreness based on where and how extensive the damage or pain is. This means that the duration for soreness can be different for each type of accident and individual.  

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