Sore Breasts 2 Weeks Before Period: Is It A Sign Of Pregnancy?

Sore breasts 2 weeks before period is not a sign of pregnancy, but rather of hormonal fluctuations that lead to sensations of heavy breasts and soreness.

Sore breasts

It is possible for people to feel pain in their breasts after, during, and before their menstrual period. However, people may be wondering what may be the reason behind their pain in the breast? Breast pain is referred to as mastalgia is something familiar to a lot of individuals with the pain feeling like a burning pain that is sharp, tighten, and tender. The pain can be described as either noncyclic or cyclic. Sore breasts 2 weeks before period that is cyclic are commonly associated with one’s menstruation and will usually resolve on its own once the period passes. This kind of a pain in the breast can be characterized as being aching, dull, and heavy. It has also been linked with breast lumpiness or swelling. It also affects the upper and outer portions of both breasts and can also affect the underarms.

On the other hand, pain that is noncyclical is not linked to one’s menstruation and may be characterized as being constant or intermittent and has also been claimed to be tight, burning, or sore. It is also localized or affecting only one breast. In this article, we look at the possible causes of pain in the breast along with some symptoms during early pregnancy and prior to one’s menstrual period. Read on to find out more!

Sore Breasts 2 Weeks Before Period

Pain in the breast prior to menstruation may be accompanied by some swelling and tenderness. These are commonly associated with PMS or premenstrual syndrome. In other cases that are less common, breast pain that is extreme can be experienced prior to the menstrual cycle accompanied by swelling and tenderness which can also be an indication of fibrocystic breast disease. A majority of cases that exhibit pain of the breast that is sharp prior to one’s period may also be the result of hormones that are fluctuating. The hormonal levels of progesterone and estrogen can vary greatly during the person’s normal cycle for menstruation. The said hormones help in the preparation of the breasts and reproductive system for possibly getting pregnant. Estrogen can lead to the ducts of the breasts becoming enlarged while progesterone can lead to the swelling of the milk glands. Due to these changes, soreness in the breasts may be experienced. 

Common Symptoms

The levels of estrogen can get significantly increased during the cycle’s mid-portion while progesterone level’s can get increased one week prior to one’s menstrual period. Some of the common symptoms and signs of pain in the breast prior to menstruation include tenderness and heaviness in both breasts. A number of individuals can experience an aching that is dull in the breasts with these feeling dense and coarse when touched. Symptoms can start to show one week before the menstrual cycle starts and will gradually resolve after. A majority of individuals do not encounter any pain in the breast prior to their menstrual cycle.

What To Do?

Pain in the breast caused by an upcoming menstrual cycle may eventually be reduced as the menopausal stage draws near due to hormonal levels that are naturally changing as people get older. Breast pain may also be addressed using drugs that can be purchased without any prescription or over-the-counter (OTC). These drugs are referred to as NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which are also used to treat cramps related to menstruation. Individuals who are experiencing breast pain that is severe prior to their cycle should see a medical professional who may be able to give the patient advice as to how to best treat the said pain. One possible treatment is for patients to take diuretics which can aid in the reduction of tenderness, swelling, and water retention. These drugs should only be taken under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

There are some individuals who claim that their breast pain is significantly reduced while under oral contraceptives. However, it must be noted that breast pain is not commonly addressed using oral contraceptives and there are also studies that point out how these contraceptives can lead to symptoms that are worse. It is best that individuals talk to their doctors to see what can be done about their particular symptoms. 

Sore breasts 2 weeks before period may also be better managed by choosing to make changes to one’s lifestyle. For example, people can better support their breasts by choosing to wear a sports bra. In addition, a bra at night can also be worn to give individuals that additional support before going to bed. In addition, diet can also help in symptom management prior to one’s menstrual cycle. Food items that are high in salt, caffeine, and alcohol can lead to increased breast discomfort during PMS. As such, removing or reducing the intake of such food items one week prior to the menstrual cycle can aid in the management or prevention of some premenstrual symptoms that are unpleasant. It is recommended then that individuals focus on eating a high-fiber and low-fat diet which consists mostly of veggies and whole grains.

Taking in some vitamins can also help in relieving pain in the breast along with other symptoms of PMS. It best to check the safety of supplements or vitamins by seeking a doctor’s recommendation before taking them. Some nutrient-rich food items can also be included in one’s eating plan and these include food items such as avocados, brown rice, oat bran, carrots, hazelnuts, spinach, peanuts, safflower, canola oil, olive oil, and corn oil. 

Sore breasts 2 weeks before period: What does it mean?

Pain in the breast half a month before a menstrual cycle can happen due to fluctuations in the hormone which can happen around the menstrual cycle’s mid-portion or once an individual is ovulating. As such, this kind of pain is normally not an indication of pregnancy but rather of fluctuations in the hormone leading to the heaviness of the breasts and pain in the breast two (2) weeks prior to one’s menstrual period or cycle. Breasts that are sore or painful 2 weeks before menstruation is not a sign of pregnancy but rather of hormonal fluctuations that lead to sensations of heavy breasts and soreness.

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