Getting Rid of Stretch Marks from Weight Loss + Prevention Tips

There are instances where we get stretch marks when we suddenly have changes in our weight – like weight loss. So, how do we get rid of these marks?

How to Deal with Stretch Marks from Weight Loss

When it comes to skin problems, women are more concerned with these issues compared to men. It is also because women are more exposed to sudden changes in the skin especially when they encounter such conditions that will affect some parts of the skin. An example? Stretch marks.


What are Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are one of the skin problems that women dread the most, at the same time there may also be some men who feel the same towards having stretch marks.

To some people, stretch marks just naturally occur without any definite cause (or they may actually be, they are just not yet aware of it); but it is more frequent that stretch marks begin to appear whenever someone experiences a sudden weight loss, causing the skin to loosen. So, what do these stretch marks look like and how do they appear?

Stretch marks appear on the skin in the form of scars, they also vary from person to person. It actually depends on what happened to the skin first that caused the marks to appear, it may be due to sudden weight gain or weight loss. Because of the sudden changes in the weight, the skin gets compromised by either getting stretched (weight gain) or being shrunk (weight loss); and that is how the formation of stretch marks begin.

Once the skin starts to get affected by this condition, it is the collagen and elastin that are damaged since they cannot handle the sudden changes. Plus they are responsible for supporting the skin, so when they break, that is when the stretch marks appear. The marks are the result of the healing of the skin.

However, not everyone gets to experience having these unwanted marks on the skin. The hormone levels of a person can be taken into consideration if one wants to know the reason why there are people who are more prone to stretch marks compared to others. There is also a chance that the appearance of the marks is caused by something hereditary, so maybe it’s time for you to ask your family members and relatives about this.


Causes of Stretch Marks

When you notice that stretch marks are slowly taking over your skin, you need to analyze or check on yourself which specifically caused the appearance of the marks. Here are some reasons why these marks suddenly appeared on your skin:

  • It may due to growth spurts and puberty that occurs in teenagers.
  • The marks are most common to people who had drastic weight loss or weight gain.
  • It is also very common for women who undergo pregnancy to get stretch marks.
  • Bodybuilding and weight exercises which result in rapid growth in the muscles may also be another cause.
  • Marks may appear on patients with conditions like Cushing’s and Marfan syndrome.
  • May also be due to hereditary and genetic reasons.


Who Can Get Stretch Marks Easier?

When comparing men and women in terms of stretch marks, women are most likely to have these marks at least once in their lives.

Almost all, if not all women who get to undergo pregnancy are experienced having stretch marks. Imagine how the skin of the tummy stretches when the baby gets to grow, it may be hard to prevent the occurrence of the marks at this time. The hormone levels in the body during pregnancy may also be an additional cause of the appearance of the marks; which happens because there is an unwanted weakening on some of the fibers of the skin.

These marks can improve and disappear in time though, it may either be from proper care and medication or just from natural disappearance once the excess weight from pregnancy is gone.

For men, they may be affected by stretch marks when they get overweight or obese (sadly, this is also applicable for women). Also, those who go to the gym to get bigger and leaner muscles – like bodybuilders – can also get a few stretch marks on their skin. This is due to the sudden rise and enlargement of the muscles, causing the skin to stretch.

Again, both men and women may get stretch marks the moment they lose weight; especially when the loss is very extreme say the person was once obese and then they suddenly lost a great amount of weight. It is also possible even if the person only lost a few pounds, it actually depends on each person.


Getting Rid of Stretch Marks From Weight Loss

Is it hard to get rid of stretch marks? It probably is not since there are already many possibilities for ways to remove them from your body, but you need to be really persistent for them to permanently disappear.

You can use body makeup to hide the marks.

This is actually not that much of a solution since it can only hide the marks physically, but in reality, they are still there. You can do this if you don’t necessarily plan to get rid of them totally and if you just want to hide them when you plan to wear specific clothes that may expose the marks.

Topical creams, oils, and ointments that are said to be effective against stretch marks.

Although this, not 100 percent is proven to be effective, there are still a lot of these skin products in the market that claim their ability to get rid of stretch marks. However, these products must be applied religiously and regularly if you want the marks to completely appear; this is according to people’s testimonials and as per instruction of the manufacturers.

Medical procedures are more effective in getting rid of the marks.

If you have enough money or you happened to save money to remove your stretch marks, you may want to try undergoing medical procedures like pulsed dye laser therapy, fractional CO2 laser therapy, and microdermabrasion among others.


Tips on Preventing the Formation of Stretch Marks

In most cases, stretch marks are typically hard to prevent. For women who get into pregnancy, the prevention of getting stretch marks may be unattainable; so they must settle with ways to get rid of the marks after their pregnancy.

To decrease the chances of getting stretch marks, it may be best to maintain a healthy weight to avoid the sudden stretching and shrinking of the skin. You should start monitoring your full diet to avoid any changes in your weight.

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