The Top 5 Aging Nails Treatments

There are several aging nails treatments that are available to help treat nail problems. These treatments range from home remedies, use of supplements to medical attention. We have discussed five of these here and hope it is of help to you

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As you get older there are a lot of things that can go wrong with your nail color, texture, shape, and size. These are normal life happenings and should not be a cause of alarm for you. It might be that you have noticed some of these changes in your grannies nail and wonder if anything could be done to bring it back to its former state. Yes, there is aging nail treatment available to help out with these issues and that will be our focus in this article.

There are many factors that contribute to aging nails, growing old is just the main factor but there are diseases that can make one’s nail age faster than normal. These include heart conditions, diabetes, liver issues, and cancers, to mention but a few. Fungal infection is also one common cause of aging nails. You can easily recognize an aged nail by noticing its features. Its either they are discolored, ridge, split, broken, brittle, or awkwardly shaped.

Top Five Aging Nails Treatments

These are five top treatments that can be used for aging nails.

1. Biotin and vitamin supplements – A vital component for the proper functioning of the body are vitamins. They aid the normal body processes with no exception to nail. The insufficiency of zinc and iron can be harmful to nail health. A simple solution to this is multivitamins. You can try something like iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and calcium.

Vitamin B complex which contains biotin is usually indicated as essential for healthy nails. Biotin can also be found in bananas, oatmeal, soy, animal organs, mushrooms, and peanuts. However, it is not exactly clear how effective this biotin is in nail strengthening or how it functions but the vitamins have been proven successful in horse hooves strengthening. In a study, some women were given 2.5 mg of biotin for a period of six months, and at the end of this period, their names were about twenty-five percent thicker.

There are a lot of foods that contain biotin so you most likely have enough of this in your system. There are exceptions here for people who drink alcohol, use antibiotics, or eat too much raw egg white. A large percentage of pregnant women have biotin deficient and this could result in birth defects thus it is usually given as a prenatal supplement. Enough with biotin now, let’s move on to treatment number two.

2. Super moisturizers – The use of moisturizers can go a long way in treating aging nails. Most times the cause of brittle nails can be the absence of moisture; it is similar to how dry skin causes flakes or cracks. You can easily access this moisturizer at most drugstores. A good example of this would be vaseline. It is good at keeping nails healthy. There are also home remedies like mixing milk and egg yolk.

3. Natural approach – There is a natural approach to aging nail treatment. It includes avoiding nail products that can result in allergic reactions like nail polish, hardeners, and polish removers. Do not cut away from your cuticles. They are essential in maintaining nail health. You can ham them by excessive trimming which makes them prone to infections. If at all you need to cut off a cuticle then make use of scissors and do it moderately and cleanly.

4. Hands protection – An excellent way to preserve your nails will be by protecting them. When the weather is good to make sure to use gloves or while doing the dishes. Too much washing of the hands will allow water to go into the nails causing them to swell and begin showing signs of aging quickly. Also, try to keep your nails short as long nails easily get damaged and could interfere with your daily activities.

Poor blood flow also contributes to damaged nails so if you are suffering from any such condition seek help from a doctor. Other health conditions like inactive thyroid can harm the nails and a doctor should attend to this too. Be observant for signs of fungal infections which is mostly seen in older people. There are creams that are used to treat these infections but doctors usually recommend that these infections are left untreated because of the high rate of ineffective creams and side effects that follow.

5. Air your nails – your nails also need breathing space so once in a while let them be. Avoid excessive use of nail polish and all the other chemicals you apply to them. Don’t leave them out open in cold or dry air.

How To Care For Your Nail

You can care for your nails by keeping them clean and short at all times, use hand gloves when necessary, avoid chewing them off, wash them at intervals to avoid infections but do not wash too frequently. To not overuse nail products.

Here's how to take care of your nails naturally

In Summary

The best way to care for aging nail is by looking out for them, protecting them, keeping them clean always, do not let them get directly involved in the menial and cold task. If you have an underlying health issue that might be the cause of the nail problems then make sure to see a doctor who would recommend the best treatment option.

There are a lot of nail care products readily accessible across various drugstores and in your desperation, you might end up buying the wrong ones. It is better to observe and understudy products before applying them to your nails. Just as you would not just pick up any hair product off the counter and apply it to your health, apply this same habit to your nail. Check out the ingredients, look at reviews, or visit a dermatologist who can give you some of the best aging nails treatments.

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