Anti-aging Tips From Skin Care Experts On YouTube

If you are looking for a formula to keep you looking young, you can find lots of YouTube anti-aging tips on the internet. Many of these tips are closer to you than you can ever imagine. These skincare tips may be the big break you need for your looks and complexion. They can help you keep aging signs at bay.

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If you are looking for a formula to keep you looking young, you can find lots of YouTube anti-aging tips on the internet. Many of these tips are closer to you than you can ever imagine. These skincare tips may be the big break you need for your looks and complexion. They can help you keep aging signs at bay. They can prevent wrinkles, skin sagging, and fine lines, among many other aging signs. You should understand that your skin is also one of your organs. So you must take good care of it. Anyways, you don’t have to comb through all the anti-aging videos on YouTube. We have searched for you and listed out the tips here. All you need to do is read through and adjust your skincare to include these tips.

Almost every woman wants to keep looking younger even as they age. If you care enough, you may have searched for tips in many places. We have helped you to tap the top tips from quality YouTube sources. We know that some YouTube sources are not reliable. But we have searched out reliable sources for you. They include videos from dermatologists and celebrity facialists. Some of these tips may sound familiar and some may sound weird. But they can sure help you halts the tracks of tracks. They will indeed help you in your quest for younger looks.

Conventional YouTube Anti-aging Tips

1. Make use of a very gentle face wash

Cleansing your skin is good, but you must make use of a gentle formula. The natural tendency of your skin is to get more sensitive and less oily. As such, if acne breakouts seem to be a problem for you, you should use a gentle variety of face wash rather than a drying acne-wash.

Also, make use of a light touch. Cleanse your face in circular motions with a gentle touch. If you use aggressive scrubbing, it can irritate your skin, as well as accelerate aging.

2. Begin to use retinoids

With time as you age, your skin may begin to lose collagen. This amazing protein is the one that keeps your skin looking lifted and smooth. The gradual loss of collagen can give you a somewhat creased look. Experts tell us that the use of retinoids is your best defense mechanism against this is the use of retinoids.

3. Use sunscreen regularly

Using sunscreen (SPF-30 and above) regularly is very vital for keeping your skin in good health. It also prevents discoloration and age spots. However, sunscreens are not all created alike. Some ensure supple skin than others.

To start with, switch to using a more moisturizing sunscreen cream. You should also avoid gels and alcohol-containing sprays. These can dry your skin out. More so, go for sunscreen varieties that have antioxidants, such as vitamin E in them.

4. Use a rich face cream

Oil glands in your skin usually become less active with age. You should, therefore, moisturize your skin properly. This will minimize wrinkles and fine lines. A richer cream will moisturize your face better and pump up any deep crevices.

5. Exfoliate every week

Your skin regularly sheds off dead cells. This creates a new skin layer like monthly. However, as you grow older, the process may become slower. This may cause your complexion to look dull. It can also cause rough patches due to the buildup of dead cells.

You must exfoliate weekly to remove the buildup. It will give you brighter skin. But make use of something less irritating. Also, avoid products that contain plastic microbeads. This can cause environmental pollution.

6. Be careful with your diet

Your physical looks rely a lot on what you are putting in it. As such, you must eat a good diet that can help nourish your skin as you grow older. Stay away from any food that may dehydrate your skin, such as alcohol.

More so, foods that are high in white carbs and sugar can make you age faster as it breaks down glucose. So you should avoid them, and go for added protein sources in your foods. These include lean meat, fish, legumes, and beans. They help your body to build strong collagen.

You should also pay attention to vitamin C in your diet. They can also keep your skin youthful. Aside from vitamin C, another great antioxidant is lycopene. You can find lots of it in cooked tomatoes. Lycopene can help you fight sun damage and sunburn. So you should add more tomatoes to your meals.

Lycopene may not erase any existing spots. However, it can prevent any further damage.

7. Give technology a break

If you usually spend hours on the phone or looking at computer screens, the screen-time may be causing your skin to age more. This can even be more severe than UV sun rays. There’s even emerging evidence from experts that cellphone light or that of computer screens can penetrate your skin deeper. This light is referred to as HEV (high-energy visible light)

HEV light can result in free-radical damage. This can break your skin elastin and collagen down. These compounds are the structures that help your skin remain youthful and firm. So when they are broken down excessively, fine lines, skin sagging, and wrinkles will develop.

8. Relax

If your work thrives on stress before it gets done, you should consider the damaging effects it may be having on your skin. The latest research findings reveal that stress is one of the major factors for skin aging. It does not only affect your skin but also your entire body.

When you are under stress, cortisol levels increase in your body. As cortisol levels go up, your face is more likely to look older. In essence, cortisol has negative effects on elastin and collagen fibers.

Some YouTubers Recommend Supplements

Some YouTubers say that supplement pills can restore dewiness to your aging skin. For instance, Omega-3 fats from certain seafood, such as salmon can help to keep your anti-aging It also slows aging and prevents wrinkles.

Some other supplements can sustain supple skin and replenish your skin’s lipids. There are also anti-inflammatory supplements that can help deal with adult acne. But if you will take any supplements, you should ask your doctor first.

There are many YouTube anti-aging videos. You may not be able to watch them all. But the best tips are the ones we have listed out here. You should include them in your skincare routine.

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